Be a DJ and Rock the Party!

Dance, sing, rap and MAKE SOME NOISE while you spin records and finally

Rock the Party as DJ Wicky Girl!

Be the DJ

GO DJ! That’s my DJ! When it’s your turn, grab the two spinning turntables and spin! Add the two numbers up and move your record from Start to Finish. Each box comes with 2 spinners, 4 game pieces, one game board, Mash-Up and Remix Cards.

2-4 Players

Age 12+

Rock the Party

Mash Up and Remix cards change the game! If one turntable spinner lands on “Remix”, grab a Remix card and follow the instructions. Will you move backwards or forwards? If both of your turntables lands on “Remix” you grab a Mash-Up card and follow the instructions. You may have to dance, rap, sing or do something else to ROCK THE PARTY!